Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lil miss no show.

Yay! cheer camp today! well thats what we ALL thought. I woke up early this morning, and by early I mean 7..., and got dressed in my camp uniform.  My black sophies and my purple cheer shorts. I put my hair up in a high pony with a bow that fit odly on my head.  As I was putting on my eye liner the phone rang, "oh crap" I said.  Sure enough, it was Allie.  "What" I snapped.  She quickly responded that Kaitlyn needed a ride to cheer.  I ran upstairs and woke up my mom, who was obviously irritated, but she agreed to take Kaitlyn to cheer.  So I went back downstairs and continued with my makeup.  About 20 mins later Allie called again.  "Is Kaitlyn over there"?  she asked.  "No, I'm sorry, my mom took her to cheer, but that was about 20 mins ago my mom should be back by now"......  "Oh, she went to the store"  Allie replied "Oh no, we wont have time to put our stuff in our lockers."    I tell her "its ok, we can do it after, as long as we are at camp on time."  

Just as I hung up on Allie, my mom pulled into the drive way.  I hurried outside with all my stuff in hand and jumped in the car.  We went to pick up Allie on our way to cheer camp.  When we arrived, we began stretching.  After about 20 mins of stretching we started wondering where our instructor was.  We all circle around coach Lidy, and asked her the same question.  "Where is the camp instructor"?  Just then Coach Sabo walked up and informed us that they couldnt get ahold of our camp instructor and didn't know where she was.  We were told the business is very reliable by Coach Lidy.  Coach Sabo agreed and said she could teach the camp until noon.  

Practice went well, though we could not get out baskets, and the other stunt group full was wobbly.  The whole team walked out the door pretty disappointed, but the Coaches are trying to reschedule camp for us. 

I really hope the rest of the year goes better than this.